5″ Co-Axial Ceiling Speaker

The F-2352SC is a 2-way, flush-mounted ceiling speaker that offers a full frequency range and high-quality sound output. Use of optional mounting hardware permits versatile mounting to match a wide range of applications and installation locations.



The F-2352SC rear-open type 2-way speaker system employs a speaker element that is designed to provide a wide frequency range. The wide-dispersion flush-mount ceiling speaker design uses unique acoustic construction to realize a wide area of coverage. Uniform sound output levels are achievable not only directly under the speaker, but also over a wide radius. Because the speaker provides both low- and high-impedance operating capability, it can be used in many different applications. A front panel-mounted input selector switch permits easy verification and change of current impedance/power settings, even after installation. It can be quickly and accurately mounted to ceilings and the rotating front grille can be installed/removed quickly and easily. An attractive exterior design specially created by an interior designer blends naturally with any architectural space. Use of the optional HY-BC1 Back Can permits exposed speaker installation.

Rated Input 6 W (High Impedance)
Power Handling Capacity Continuous pink noise: 9 W (8 Ω), 6 W (16 Ω)
Continuous program: 18 W (8 Ω), 12 W (16 Ω)
Impedance 100 V line: 1.7 kΩ (6 W), 3.3 kΩ (3 W), 10 kΩ (1 W), 20 kΩ (0.5 W)
70 V line: 830 Ω (6 W), 1.7 kΩ (3 W), 3.3 kΩ (1.5 W), 10 kΩ (0.5 W),
20 kΩ (0.25 W)
25 V line: 830 Ω (0.75 W), 1.7 kΩ (0.4 W), 3.3 kΩ (0.2 W), 10 kΩ (0.06 W),
20 kΩ (0.03 W)
8 Ω
Sound Pressure Level 89 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Frequency Response 80 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB), 50 Hz – 20 kHz (-20 dB)
at installation in 1/2 free sound field
(Measured by installing the unit in the center of a ceiling.)
Speaker Component High frequency: Balanced dome-type
Low frequency: 12 cm cone-type
Mounting Hole φ200 mm (Maximum ceiling thickness: 37 mm)
Input Terminal Push-in connector (Bridging terminal-2 branch type)
Usable Cable 600 V Vinyl-insulated cable (IV wire or HIV wire)
Solid copper wire: φ0.8 – φ1.6 mm (equivalent to AWG No. 20 – 15)
7-core twisted copper wire: 0.75 – 1.25 m㎡ (equivalent to AWG No. 18- 17)
Finish Baffle: Fire-resistant ABS resin (resin material grade: UL-94 V-0), black
Rim: Fire-resistant ABS resin (resin material grade: UL-94 V-0), white, paint
Punched net: Steel plate, white, paint
Dust cover: Spunbond Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric
Dimensions φ230 × 154 (D) mm
Weight 1.5 kg (including panel)
Accessory Panel …1, Paper pattern …1
Option Back can: HY-BC1
Reinforcement ring: HY-RR2
Anchor hanging bracket: HY-AH1 (HY-RR2 required)
Tile bar bridge: HY-TB1 (HY-RR2 required)
Trim ring: HY-TR1 (HY-RR2 required)


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