Outstanding Features with Built-In Quality

Caller ID (FSK/DTMF) Compatible*

KX-TSC11MX is suitable for each technical standard of Caller ID service (Bellcore, ETSI and DTMF). The 2-Line LCD displays caller’s information. You can know who’s calling before you answer.

2-Line LCD Display with Clock

The convenient 2-Line LCD displays the entire caller’s information, time and date, dialed numbers, duration of call and call counter with 4-level contrast control.

50-Station Caller ID Memory*

Up to 50 Stations can be stored, you can recall and call back easily.

Navigator Key for Easy Operation

The navigator key lets you easily control your 50-station speed dialer as well as easily access to the Caller ID memory.

50-Station Speed Dial

Lets you store and quickly dial as many as up to 50 frequently called phone numbers.

Dial Lock

Using a numerical code you can lock (and unlock) the dialing keypad. Outgoing calls can not be dialed, while Incoming calls can be answered.

  • Call Restriction
  • Electronic Volume Control
  • User Programmable Timed Flash (80/90/100/110/200/250/300/400/600/700ms)
  • Ringer Selector: Off/Low/High
  • Telephone Line-Powered Operation
  • Insertable Pause (Time Delay)
  • One-Touch Redial



Dial Mode Tone (DTMF)/Pulse
Pause 3.5 sec
Flash User-programmable (80/90/100/110/200/250/300/400/600/700ms)
Caller ID Memory 50 stations
Phone Book 50 stations
Redial Memory 20stations
Power Source Telephone line and 3AA Batteries
Dimensions (H x W x D) 96 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm
Weight 550 g


Panasonic (PABX)


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